PNTC Colleges is now accepting applications for incoming G11 and first year students for 1st Semester, A.Y. 2022-2023. Learn more about our programs and submit your application and documents below.

College of Maritime Education

3-year academic + 1-year cadetship
A higher education degree program that deals with the study of navigation, cargo handling and stowage, controlling the safe operation and care for persons on-board the ship at the operational level.

Students in marine transportation will be trained to achieve competency standards through discussion and laboratory activities in the courses included in their curriculum such as navigation, seamanship, marine pollution and prevention, deck watchkeeping, meteorology and oceanography, radio communications, basic safety, maritime law and maritime vocabulary.

3-year academic + 1-year cadetship
A higher education degree program that deals with the study of marine propulsion system, its operation and maintenance as well as controlling the operation of the ship and care for person on-board at the operational level of marine engineering.

Students in marine engineering will be trained to achieve competency standards through discussion and laboratory activities in the courses included in their curriculum such as machine shop, electro-technology, auxiliary machinery, marine power plant, marine pollution and prevention, engine watchkeeping, naval architecture, instrumentation and control system, basic safety, maritime law and maritime vocabulary.

College of General Education

4 years
This program will prepare the individuals to meet the requirements of professional customs brokers in the Philippines. It aims to develop customs brokers who are competent and knowledgeable in the import and export operations.

After completion of the program and passing the licensure examination, the graduates can pursue a career in customs brokerage and related professions. Specific opportunities are declarant, customs employee, air or sea cargo handling documentation clerk, staff in Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas or College instructor.

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Senior High School
(not open to transferees)

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)

  • Accountancy and Business Management (ABM)

  • Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime Specialization (STEM with focus on maritime subjects)

  • Technical-Vocational and Livelihood (TVL) Maritime Specialization (Deck and Engine)

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Online Admission Process for New Students and Transferees

  1. Skip this step if you are applying for a non-maritime program. Before applying for any of our maritime programs (i.e. BSMT, BSMarE, TVL: Maritime Specialization, and Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime Specialization), take the Ishihara Test (color blindness test) at any DOH-recognized clinic or hospital first. DO NOT SUBMIT THE APPLICATION FORM IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR RESULTS, YET.(IMPORTANT: Results must be signed by the attending health professional. We do NOT accept results from online self-administered tests.)

  2. Prepare one (1) 2x2 ID photo and a soft copy of your Ishihara Test results (if applying for a maritime program).

  3. Fill up the Online Application Form and attach your ID photo and test result. Make sure to provide a valid email address to receive further updates.

  4. Entrance exams are currently waived in light of the pandemic.

  5. Done! You will receive an email from our Admissions Office containing further instructions as soon as your application is verified. (NOTE: Please always check your email’s INBOX and SPAM.)

Done! You will receive an email from our Admissions Office containing further instructions as soon as your application is verified.

NOTE: All transactions are online. Please always check your email’s INBOX and SPAM.

Can I fill up the form first, then submit the results of my Ishihara Test later?
No. The maritime industry has certain vision requirements that can make or break your career. All maritime schools use this test to screen applicants. Please take the test first before filling up the form to avoid disqualification.

When will I receive an email from the Admissions Office?
Emails are sent out within 1-2 business days.

I did not receive an email.
Please check your Spam folder.

I made a mistake while filling up the form. Can I submit another?
The form accepts only one submission per user to avoid duplication. Please contact the Admissions Office to request changes to your information.

Do I have to pay an application fee?
There is no application fee for A.Y. 2021-2022.

Read answers to other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) here.

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Q: Do you have entrance examinations for this academic year?
A: None. PNTC is waiving the entrance examination due to current pandemic.

Q: Do you have aptitude or medical exams?
A: Yes. Aptitude and medical exams shall be conducted in the middle of the school year but only once the government allows the conduct of physical classes. However, we cannot defer the Ishihara Test (color-blindness test) for students who want to enroll in maritime related programs; thus, it is required prior to enrolling.

Q: Is the Ishihara test really required?
The Ishihara test is required because visual acuity is very important in the maritime industry. If you don’t pass the test, then you won’t be allowed to continue with your maritime education. It's best to take the test before enrollment.

Q: Is there a height requirement?
None. There’s no height requirement.

Q: I’m a girl. Can I enroll in your maritime programs?
Yes. We don’t discriminate against any gender. There may be more men in the maritime industry, but women are very much capable of becoming competent seafarers. Two percent of the world’s seafarers are women, and this number is growing.

Q: My documents are incomplete. Can I submit the rest later?
Please complete the documentary requirements first before you proceed with enrollment.

Q: I want to become a seafarer. Which strand should I pick?
Any strand will qualify for BSMT and BSMarE, but Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime Specialization and TVL: Maritime Specialization will best prepare you for maritime higher education.

Q: What’s the difference between Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime Specialization and TVL: Maritime Specialization?
Both specializations prepare students for a career in the maritime industry and lead to BSMT or BSMarE. The main difference is that Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime Specialization places more emphasis on STEM subjects than TVL: Maritime Specialization does.

Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime Specialization is a modified version of the STEM strand specially designed for students who want to pursue maritime programs in college. We recommend this if you plan to continue studying after SHS.

TVL: Maritime Specialization, on the other hand, is more practical than Pre-Baccalaureate Maritime (similar to a TESDA vocational course) and is for students who intend to work onboard right after graduating SHS. After completing this track and passing certain assessments, you should be ready to work in a non-officer role (e.g. deck rating) without the need to go to college. But if you want to become an officer, you must continue to college and take BSMT or BSMarE.

Q: I’m from a non-maritime strand. Can I take BSMT/BSMarE?
Yes. We design the curriculum based on our students’ SHS background. Simply put, you’ll be under the same program, but some of your subjects will differ from those of students from a maritime strand.

Q: What’s the difference between BSMT and BSMarE?
If you dream of becoming a ship captain, then BSMT is for you. This program will help you master the duties of marine deck officer, including but not limited to navigation, radio communication, and basic safety operations.

If you prefer to work in the engine room, then take BSMarE. In this program, you will learn the inner workings of a ship’s machinery, such as its mechanical, electrical, refrigeration, and steering systems.

Both programs take at least four (4) years to complete. You will spend the first three years building your academic foundation (Associate Degree). In your fourth year, you will be getting hands-on experience by working one (1) year onboard as an on-the-job trainee. Once you’ve completed the academic and the onboard training requirements, you’ll earn your Bachelor’s Degree.

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With complete facilities, qualified instructors and CHED-compliant curricula at reasonable fees, PNTC Colleges continues to make maritime and business programs accessible to everyone.

Here's an estimate of our tuition and other fees:

Php 17,500 DepED Voucher
+Php 1,000/month (Miscellaneous Fees)

Php 14,000 DepED Voucher
+Php 1,000/month (Miscellaneous Fees)
+Php 3,500/year

Php 24,000-28,000/semester
(inclusive of Miscellaneous Fees)

Php 18,000-19,000/semester
(inclusive of Miscellaneous Fees)

—Two (2) semesters per academic year
—Installment (Prelims, Midterms, Finals)
—Php 5,000 down payment to enroll

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For more information, please contact:

Admissions Office
☎️ (046) 416 5111
📱 0922 871 6753
📧 [email protected]
📅 Mon - Fri, 7:30 AM - 5:30 PM

Mr. Raymond Go
Admission Supervisor

Ms. Jolina Casil
Admission Officer